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Five AAA Games You Can Still Play with 4GB RAM

Modern PC gaming has become increasingly demanding, making systems with less than 4GB RAM feel obsolete. However, there are still plenty of games that can be played on budget-friendly PCs. Here are five AAA titles that can run on 4GB RAM or more.

1) NBA 2k23: Despite its annual releases and increasing requirements, NBA 2k23's minimum specifications are relatively low. The game can run on a system with 4GB RAM, an Intel Core i3, and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 450.

2) Minecraft: Released in 2011, Minecraft continues to be a popular choice among players. With only a minimum requirement of 4GB RAM and an Intel Celeron, this game offers hours of fun and creativity.

3) Fortnite: As one of the biggest games on the market, Fortnite attracts millions of players. While the official minimum requirement is 8GB RAM, the game can still run on 4GB RAM, making it accessible to players with lower-end systems.

4) Valorant: This team-based tactical first-person shooter offers a unique twist with abilities and objective-based gameplay. Valorant can be played with up to four friends and requires only 4GB RAM.

5) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO): Considered a classic in the FPS genre, CS:GO is a game that can run on older systems. Released in 2012, it became free to play in 2018 and offers competitive gameplay even on lower-end PCs.

These games prove that even with limited system specifications, players can still enjoy AAA titles without breaking the bank. While higher settings may require better hardware, these games can run smoothly on lower-end systems, providing hours of entertainment.

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