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Fix for Barricade Bug in Diablo 4’s Fury Against Fate Mission Coming Soon

For several weeks now, players of Diablo 4 have been unable to progress in the Fury Against Fate side mission due to a bugged barricade. In order to continue, players need to dismantle an Elite Gore-Soaked Barricade. Despite the seemingly simple task, many users on all platforms have been unsuccessful in bringing down the obstacle. Basic attacks and special abilities have proven ineffective.

Although some players have found temporary workarounds for both PC and console, many are eagerly awaiting a patch from Blizzard. Luckily, these players won't have to wait much longer.

Adam Fletcher, Diablo community lead, recently announced on Twitter that another hotfix will be released sometime this week. The developer is aware of the long-standing issue with Fury Against Fate and will make an effort to address it in the upcoming patch.

While the use of the word “try” suggests that the fix is not guaranteed in the next patch, players can rest assured knowing that Blizzard is actively working on resolving the frustrating glitch.

Diablo 4 had a major update this week with Patch 1.1.1, which introduced class adjustments and changes to Nightmare Dungeons. Players have responded positively to improvements related to the latter. Season 1 is set to end on October 9, and fans are eagerly awaiting news on Season 2, expected to begin in October.