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Former Niantic Employee Reveals Management’s Resistance to Quality-of-Life Improvements in Pokemon Go

A former employee of Niantic, the company behind the popular mobile game Pokemon Go, has come forward with claims that management consistently rejected quality-of-life improvements suggested by fans. Despite the game's immense popularity, there has often been a disconnect between the player community and Niantic.

Several Glassdoor reviews from former employees shed light on the issue, stating that management at Niantic is allegedly responsible for the lack of quality-of-life updates in Pokemon Go. Some reviews accuse higher-ups of blatantly ignoring the needs and suggestions of players. One review even mentions the presence of misguided leadership and poor product managers.

However, not all the reviews paint a negative picture. Some employees describe Niantic as a great place to work, especially for fans of Pokemon, and praise the company for having kind and helpful individuals.

It appears that the problem lies with the decision-making process rather than the development team. Niantic's management has been criticized in the past for making questionable choices, such as excluding certain Pokemon generations and implementing unpopular changes. This suggests that the issues faced by Pokemon Go may stem from higher-level management decisions.

The negative reception from fans regarding recent changes, such as increased prices for Remote Passes and reduced interaction distance with Poke Stops, has resulted in a decline in the game's active player count. Players are currently frustrated with an event focused on Routes that they are unable to complete due to the lack of available Routes.

The future of Pokemon Go and Niantic's involvement in its development remains uncertain. In the meantime, players can look forward to upcoming events like the Azurill Hatch Day Event and the Timburr Community Day. It remains to be seen whether Niantic will address the concerns raised by the player community and improve the overall experience of Pokemon Go.

Source: Glassdoor reviews from former Niantic employees.