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Fort Solis: A Binge-Worthy Mars Adventure on PS5

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming PS5 game, Fort Solis, giving us a glimpse into what's happening on Mars. Developed by Fallen Leaf, this game is being pitched as a binge-worthy experience, similar to a Netflix TV show.

Fort Solis is divided into four episodes, each lasting approximately an hour. Players have the option to either play through the entire game in one sitting or split their time between each episode. This allows for a flexible gaming experience, catering to different play styles and schedules.

Unlike other episodic games, where players have to wait for weeks for the next installment, all four episodes of Fort Solis will be available on the same day of release – 22nd August 2023. This ensures that players can fully immerse themselves in the story without any interruptions.

The game is described as a “hybrid piece of media, emphasizing narration and immersion.” It promises exploration, nerve-racking set pieces, and a deep plot to discover on Mars. Renowned voice actors Troy Baker and Roger Clark have lent their talents to the project, adding to the overall narrative experience.

The story revolves around Jack, who responds to an unusual emergency call from a remote mining base called Fort Solis. As he arrives at the desolate location, dark secrets begin to unravel, and the mystery surrounding the missing crew deepens. The game takes inspiration from God of War, with the story being told in a single shot.

If you're a fan of immersive, story-driven experiences, Fort Solis is definitely worth considering. Whether you choose to binge it all at once or savor each episode, this game promises to deliver an exciting adventure on the surface of Mars. Are you ready to uncover the secrets of Fort Solis? Let us know in the comments below.