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Fortnite Bug and New Feature Tracker Guide

Here is the latest information on bugs, issues, and problems in Fortnite as well as new features and their availability status.


  • Account Levels not counting towards Midseason Drops – Acknowledged
  • Midseason drop challenges not retroactive – Unacknowledged
  • FPS drop after the v23.00 update – Unacknowledged
  • Ex Caliber Rifle dealing more damage – Acknowledged
  • Voice chat not working properly (Xbox only) – Unacknowledged
  • Shockwave Hammer reportedly overpowered – Weapon vaulted
  • Red-Eye assault rifle missing red dot in scoped view – Unacknowledged
  • Unable to sprint – Acknowledged, workaround available
  • Divisional Cups & Duos Fill Cup rescheduled – Intended
  • Deku Smash mythic ability – Re-enabled
  • Shotgun Striker Augment – Temporarily disabled
  • ‘Sparkle Specialist' outfit not reflective or shiny – Investigating
  • ‘Dragon Ball quest' bugged (missing dragon balls progress after disconnection) – Fixed, available
  • Fire Volume – Enabled
  • Shadow Striker Augment – Temporarily disabled
  • Falcon Scout binds may be unbound when opening Fortnite from sleep mode – Acknowledged, workaround available
  • ‘Augments selection' overriding right D-Pad button custom action – Acknowledged
  • Crashing issue (PlayStation 5) – Investigating
  • Fortnite ‘Geralt of Rivia' quest stuck on 4/5 (skin not unlocking) – Acknowledged
  • Players are unable to access the item shop (Xbox) – Acknowledged
  • Low resolution textures on skins or outfits (PS4) – Acknowledged
  • Drum Gun deals damage less than intended – Acknowledged
  • Fortnite Leon S Kennedy jacket missing – Intended
  • Eternal Wanderer outfit appears as Lava Series rarity – Acknowledged
  • Rocket Launcher eliminates player upon firing – Acknowledged
  • Stray's mask appears crooked after v24.10 update – Acknowledged
  • Visual glitch with certain Spring Breakout Quests – Acknowledged
  • Syndicate quests not working (players getting stuck on Stage 3) – Acknowledged, available
  • Severe lag or high ping after v24.20 update – Unacknowledged
  • Ready Up button missing – Fixed
  • ‘Heavy sniper' and ‘Grenade' nerf being criticized – Intended
  • ‘Shadow Wings Back Bling' missing from Muselk's Locker Bundle – Acknowledged
  • Unable to drop or throw Crowns after installing the latest update – Acknowledged
  • Players unable to buy ‘Wish, Set, Quest Match Pack' – Acknowledged, available
  • Fortnite reportedly full of cheaters after the ‘Chapter 4 Season 3' update – Unacknowledged
  • Fortnite ‘Flare Guns' reportedly overpowered – Unacknowledged
  • Fortnite ‘Ramirez skin' glitch troubles Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS4 owners – Unacknowledged
  • Crashing with Adreno 740 chipset (Mobile) – Acknowledged, available
  • Some Fortnite outfits glitched after ‘Celebrate Me' emote update – Unacknowledged
  • Fortnite ‘Exotic Slap Splash' effect reportedly underwhelming – Unacknowledged
  • Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 update ‘disappointing', ‘stale' and ‘boring' – Unacknowledged
  • Game missing from Epic Store on Android (Mobile) – Acknowledged
  • Party Royale ‘Network Connection Lost' error – Acknowledged, available
  • Blue screen while trying to login – Acknowledged, available

New Features

  • No new features currently listed.

If you have any additional information to add or if you believe something is missing or incorrect, please let us know in the comments or via email.