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Fortnite Chapter 4: The Last Resort – A Heist-themed Adventure

The highly anticipated fourth and final season of Fortnite's Battle Royale chapter four has finally arrived. Epic Games co-founder, Mark Rein, confirmed that this season will follow a heist theme, adding an air of mystery to the release. The new season introduces new map locations, unvaulted weapons, and exciting Reality Augments.

To create a level playing field for all players, scores have been reset to zero, giving everyone a fresh start for the final heist. Fortnite enthusiasts around the world have been eagerly awaiting the release of the latest season and speculating about what it will bring.

Details of the new season have been kept tightly under wraps, but Rein provided a clue that set fans on the right path. He mentioned that the theme for Chapter 4 Season 4 would be “heist.” The storyline reveals that Vampire Kado Thorne has drained the island's wealth and treasures, and players must embark on a heist to reclaim what belongs to the island.

The new season introduces Sanguine Suites, Relentless Retreat, and Eclipsed Estate as new locations on the map. Players will have the opportunity to explore these areas and work towards stealing Mythic items from Thorne's properties. Additionally, new weapons will aid players in their heist, along with Reality Augments such as the ON THE GO BAG and FAST FISHER.

Fortnite's Last Resort offers exciting new skins, including a Star Wars crossover with an Ahsoka Tano skin and the addition of TikTok star Khaby Lamy as a game character. Players who successfully complete the heist will be rewarded with a getaway vehicle in the form of a pizza car.

For those looking for a fresh start or a competitive edge, all players' scores have been reset to zero. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to level up and make their mark in the final chapter of Fortnite's Battle Royale.

– Epic Games