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Fortnite Chapter Four Season Four Introduces Heist Theme and New Weapons

Fortnite players are in for a treat as Chapter Four Season Four kicks off, offering a heist-themed gameplay experience and a range of new weapons and Reality Augments. The season introduces a vampire character named Kado Thorne, who has taken over the island and drained its wealth to fund his lavish properties. Players are tasked with heisting Thorne's properties and thwarting his ultimate plan.

The cinematic trailer for the new season showcases the heist theme and introduces the Rocket Ram, a new weapon that allows players to make a quick getaway when there is no vehicle available. Other weapons making a return include the Scoped Burst SMG, Infiltrator Pump Shotgun, and Twin Mag Assault Rifle, which offers a faster reload thanks to its flippable magazine.

In line with the heist theme, a new item called the Business Turret disguises itself as a briefcase and, once thrown, locks onto enemies and fires automatically. Heist Bags, which players can find, contain various items including the Crash Pad Jr. and unvaulted Remote Explosive.

One of the highlights for veteran Fortnite players is the unvaulted Mythic items, which can be obtained by infiltrating Thorne's properties. These include powerful weapons such as Midas' Drum Gun, Kit's Charge Shotgun, Zyg and Choppy's Ray Gun, and more.

In addition to the new weapons, there are six Reality Augments to enhance gameplay. These include First Shotgun, which increases the damage of the first shotgun shot, and Pistol Salvo, which boosts pistol damage but reduces fire rate. Other augments provide benefits such as increased swimming speed, automatic looting of fishing spots, and enhanced sniper weapon capabilities.

Fortnite Chapter Four Season Four is set to start after the game's downtime ends. Players can expect an exciting heist-themed experience with new weapons and Reality Augments. Those looking for similar games can check out the roundup of the best battle royale games, or explore the selection of free games.

Sources: Fortnite Blog


  • Reality Augments: Enhancements or modifications to gameplay mechanics and abilities. These can be obtained or unlocked within the game.
  • Heist Bags: In-game items that players can find, which may contain various items and rewards.
  • Unvaulted: Refers to previously removed or unavailable items, weapons, or features that have been reintroduced to the game.