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Fortnite Chapter Four Season Four Trailer Reveals New Battle Pass Skins and Heist Theme

The highly-anticipated trailer for Fortnite Chapter Four Season Four has finally been released, giving fans a glimpse of the new Battle Pass skins and heist theme. The upcoming season, named ‘Last Resort', is set to commence tomorrow with downtime for the version 26.00 update starting at 12am PYT / 3am ET / 8am BST.

Although the trailer did not showcase the altered map for season four, the video description on YouTube unveiled the names of several new locations. Vampire Kado Thorne has established his home on the island and is using its resources to build extravagant properties such as Sanguine Suites, Relentless Retreat, and Eclipsed Estate. Players are tasked with executing a heist to reclaim what rightfully belongs to the island and put an end to Thorne's grand scheme.

Additionally, the trailer offered a clear look at the new skins, allowing fans to appreciate the details that were hard to discern from the previous teaser images. Among the new additions are a muscular version of Fishstick, Star Wars' Ahsoka Tano, a masked character wielding a knife, a racer, and a girl in dungarees.

With approximately 16 hours remaining until downtime begins, players are encouraged to complete any final quests or unlock Battle Pass rewards from Chapter Four Season Three. Matchmaking will be disabled shortly before the downtime commences.

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