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Fortnite Collaborates with My Hero Academia Once Again

Fortnite has announced a second collaboration with the popular anime franchise, My Hero Academia. This anticipated crossover brings the heroes of the U.A. Academy back into the battle royale game, along with new accessories and characters. The skins, emotes, and special missions with a hero theme will be available for a limited time in the in-game store.

In the previous Fortnite x My Hero Academia collaboration, players had the opportunity to acquire All Might supplies, granting them the immense power of One For All. This time, the store will feature accessories and skins for other students from classroom 1-A. Shoto Todoroki will have two skins, one featuring his hero uniform and another with half of his body covered in ice. Eijiro Kirishima will come with his Red Riot version and his Unbreakable form, while Mina Ashido will have her Pinky heroine costume and her U.A. festival costume.

Players can also enhance their gameplay with Todoroki's Ice Wall item, allowing them to freeze enemies and protect themselves from devastating attacks. Additionally, special limited-time missions designed by Deku and Todoroki will provide players with the opportunity to earn more experience points for the battle pass.

Fortnite is a free game available on various gaming platforms and consoles. Players are encouraged to take advantage of this collaboration to acquire their favorite items and level up their battle pass this season.

– “Fortnite x My Hero Academia Collab Will Bring Todoroki, Kirishima, and Ashido Skins”