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Fortnite DoomsDay Raid Boss Battle: A Challenging Team Battle

Fortnite Creative mode has introduced a new way to experience the game with the emergence of raid maps. One such map is the DoomsDay Raid Boss Battle, designed to push players to their limits in a relentless fight against a formidable opponent with high hit points (HP).

In order to join the DoomsDay Raid, players need to enter the map code: 8699-5345-4889. On the Fortnite main menu, console players can press Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox to access the mode selection, and then use the L1/R1 or LB/RB buttons to navigate to “Island Code.” PC players simply need to use their mouse to select the mode, and enter the map code manually.

The DoomsDay Raid Boss Battle is created by “sigrs” and features a colossal boss that players must confront. Up to 6 players can participate at a time, with each player choosing from one of three different class types: Vanguard, Assault, or Support.

The Vanguard class wields weapons such as Lever Action Rifle, Havoc Pump Shotgun, and Hand Cannon. They also have the ability to grant a shield to all allies.

The Assault class is armed with Burst Assault Rifle and Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle.

The Support class utilizes Lever Action Rifle, Hand Cannon, and has the ability to heal all allies and provide a temporary damage boost.

As a team, players must work together to defeat “The god of exiles” while avoiding his powerful attacks. The boss's vulnerable areas are indicated by orange markers on his head and near his shoulders. It is advisable to face the boss with a team due to his significant health pool, although solo players can attempt the challenge with patience and perseverance.

The DoomsDay Raid Boss Battle in Fortnite Creative mode offers a unique and demanding experience that tests players' teamwork and strategy. Do you have what it takes to conquer this formidable adversary and emerge victorious?