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Fortnite Fans Call for Retirement of Emoticons and Sprays

When it comes to Fortnite, the game is well-known for its vast collection of skins. However, there are two cosmetic items that fans are eager to see Epic Games retire permanently.

Fortnite season battle passes are known for providing players with a variety of cosmetic items as they progress through the tiers. These can include skins, gliders, pickaxes, as well as emoticons and sprays. However, fans have grown tired of the latter two.

In a recent Reddit post on August 14th, players expressed their desire for Epic Games to stop including emoticons and sprays in the battle passes. Many players feel that these items are simply fillers and do not hold the same appeal as other cosmetics.

Some players also expressed frustration with the repeated inclusion of certain emoticons, such as the “GG” emoticon with slightly different designs each season.

One Fortnite fan suggested that pets or toys could replace emoticons and sprays, as these items have become less frequent in recent battle passes.

Unfortunately, Epic Games has been consistently including sprays and emoticons in the battle passes for years, making it unlikely that they will make any major changes at this point.

However, fans are hopeful that the developers will take their frustrations into consideration for Fortnite season four, set to start on August 25th.

Fingers crossed for a battle pass that offers a refreshing change in cosmetics for Fortnite enthusiasts.