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Fortnite Introduces Cosmetic Streaming for Enhanced Gaming Experience

The latest update to Fortnite, version 24.40, has introduced a new feature called Cosmetic Streaming. This feature offers players more control over the download and installation of high-definition textures and cosmetic items in the game.

Cosmetic Streaming allows players to acquire cosmetic items as they come across them in the game, rather than downloading and installing them all at once. This not only reduces the initial installation size of the game but also speeds up the process of getting players into the game.

To disable Cosmetic Streaming, players can follow a few simple steps. First, they need to launch the Epic Games Launcher and locate Fortnite. Then, they can right-click on the Fortnite tile and select “Options” from the context menu. In the Options menu, players will find the “Disable Cosmetic Streaming” option, which they can check to turn off the feature.

By disabling Cosmetic Streaming, players can ensure that all high-resolution textures and cosmetic items are downloaded and installed upfront on their PCs. This can be particularly useful for players with ample storage space who prefer to have all the cosmetic content readily available.

However, it's important to note that disabling Cosmetic Streaming may result in a larger patch size while downloading the game. Additionally, players should keep in mind that the feature can help prevent network bandwidth issues and ensure better visual quality in the game.

The addition of Cosmetic Streaming in Fortnite's latest update gives players greater flexibility and customization options, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

– Sportskeeda