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Fortnite Introduces Limited-Time Ranked Zero Build Solo Mode


Fortnite players now have the opportunity to showcase their skills in the new Ranked Zero Build Solo mode during the first weekend of Chapter 4 Season 4. This limited-time mode removes all building tools and replaces them with movement-based tools, creating a unique experience that tests players' gun skills. To play, ensure that Ranked Play is enabled on the main menu and then select Ranked Solo Zero Build from the Discover page. However, players need to act fast, as this mode will only be available from August 25 to August 27, 2023.

Epic Games has introduced this mode as an experiment to gauge its impact on matchmaking in the Ranked Modes. The primary objective is to keep queue times low for all players. Depending on the response and feedback received during this trial period, Epic Games will decide whether to make Ranked Zero Build Solos a permanent addition or not. If the mode proves to be too disruptive to the current queue times, it may not return in the future.

To support the sustainability of this mode, players are encouraged to participate and share their thoughts on social media. By playing this weekend and providing feedback, players can influence Epic Games' decision regarding the permanence of Ranked Zero Build Solos. It's worth noting that previous player feedback has successfully led to the reinstatement of game modes, such as the revival of Trios after it was temporarily removed. For more information about this experiment and the future of Ranked Play, refer to Epic Games' official blog.


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