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Fortnite Launches 2023 Refer a Friend Event with New Cosmetics

Fortnite has kicked off its annual Refer a Friend event for 2023, offering players the chance to earn more free cosmetics. This year's event introduces the Redcap Outfit, along with a matching Pickaxe, Back Bling, Wrap, and Spray.

To unlock these five new cosmetics, players must complete challenges alongside a friend who hasn't played Fortnite for more than two hours in the last 30 days. To begin, players can register for the event at

The Refer a Friend event presents several challenges and corresponding rewards. The challenges include creating a connection, playing one match of Fortnite with the selected friend, placing in the top 10 in Fortnite six times with the friend, eliminating 45 opponents with the friend, and gaining 50 Account Levels with the friend. Each challenge unlocks a different cosmetic reward, such as the Redcap's Revenge Spray, the Wild Redcaps Wrap, the Portable Portobello Back Bling, the Shiitake Slasher Pickaxe, and the Redcap Outfit.

Players have until January 9, 2023, to login, register, and participate in the Refer a Friend event. The tasks can be completed within the same timeframe.

In related news, Funko has also announced a new wave of Fortnite Pop! figures, offering fans of the game a chance to collect their favorite characters in physical form.

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