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Fortnite One Piece Crossover Disappoints Players, Labelled a “Huge L”

The highly anticipated crossover between Fortnite and the popular anime series One Piece has left players disappointed, with many referring to it as a “Huge L”. Fortnite has a history of collaborating with various anime characters, which has been well-received by fans. However, the recent crossover did not live up to players' expectations.

Anime crossovers in Fortnite have had a significant impact on both the gaming and anime communities. These collaborations not only introduce Fortnite players to new anime episodes but also contribute to the growing popularity of the genre worldwide.

Previous anime crossovers in Fortnite have allowed players to purchase in-game cosmetics based on their favorite characters and experience their unique abilities. Characters such as Goku and All Might have become fan favorites among Fortnite players.

The announcement of a One Piece crossover had generated excitement among anime fans. However, the crossover turned out to be a disappointment. Instead of in-game cosmetics and a dedicated crossover event, players were greeted with a Creative 2.0 map that incorporated One Piece's seas and pirate ships into Fortnite.

The unofficial mode, titled “ONE PIECE – STRAW HATS VS MARINES,” allows players to either make a daring escape as a Straw Hat pirate or restore order as a Marine. With a 3v3 format, players can use swords, cannons, and pistols to capture the enemy ship.

Upon hearing the news, many Fortnite players expressed their dissatisfaction on social media. They had expected more in terms of in-game cosmetics and a bigger crossover event similar to previous anime collaborations in the game. Fans had even created concept designs for Luffy and Zoro skins, hoping that they would be released alongside the crossover.

Unfortunately, the One Piece crossover did not meet players' expectations. One fan wrote, “Huge L + not what we want,” while another commented, “That's it? That's the One Piece Collab? THAT WAS JUST A LOUSY ANIME THEMED PIRATE MODE.”

While there have been no other reports or rumors about a future One Piece crossover, Fortnite players can explore the One Piece island by entering the island code (7374-8187-1871) in-game or saving it to their playlists on the official experience page.

Rishabh Sabarwal