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Fortnite Players Express Frustrations Over Khaby Lame Battle Pass Skin

Fortnite players are taking to social media and other platforms to voice their frustrations with the inclusion of Khaby Lame in the Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass. Khaby Lame is a popular content creator on TikTok known for mocking viral life hacks that complicate things rather than make them easier. With 161.7 million followers, he is the most followed content creator on the platform.

While Khaby Lame is not the first content creator to have their own skin in Fortnite, the community is in an uproar over his inclusion in the Battle Pass. Typically, creator-themed skins are part of the Icon Series and can be purchased from the store with V-bucks, allowing players to support the creators if they choose. This leaves the Battle Pass skins for original Fortnite characters or famous figures.

However, it is believed that Khaby Lame will be featured as one of the main Battle Pass skins for the upcoming season. This has led to discontent among players who feel that it's a waste of a Battle Pass skin, especially considering the quality of recent skins that have been released.

Another source of frustration is that not everyone knows who Khaby Lame is, and players feel forced to obtain his skin rather than because they genuinely support his brand. Many players would prefer to see popular characters or original Fortnite skins in the Battle Pass options.

It's important to note that Fortnite has not officially revealed what Khaby Lame's skin will look like. It is likely that as a Battle Pass skin, it will have multiple versions and a complete set of items to go along with it. Players will have to wait until closer to the launch of Chapter 4 Season 4 for more information and for opinions to potentially change based on the official reveal from Epic Games.

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