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Fortnite Players Vote for Most Irrelevant Item

Epic Games has continuously added new items to Fortnite, making the game highly popular. However, with each update, some useless items are introduced that remain in the game for an extended period of time. Fortnite players recently voted for the most irrelevant and useless item, and here are the results.

Reddit user adhamx1a initiated the discussion by asking fellow players to select the most irrelevant item in Fortnite. While the user picked bandages and the Thermal DMR, opinions differed among the players. One user, Spear_speaks007, expressed their view that grenades are the most irrelevant item due to a recent nerf. Epic Games decreased the damage dealt by grenades to both players and structures. This change led to grenades being unable to kill a fully equipped player or cause significant damage to structures.

Another player, Fomo-, suggested that wasp jars and small fry fish were equally irrelevant items. However, opinions on this matter were more divided, with some players arguing that wasp jars are actually overpowered.

One user, magikarp-sushi, focused on bandages and explained that they are now ineffective, particularly due to the presence of plants in the game. They also mentioned that grenades need a buff.

In addition to bandages, the following items also received votes as irrelevant:

– Kinetic Boomerang
– Big Bush Bomb
– Thermal Fish

Surprisingly, some users even considered the FlapJack Rifle, which is actually one of the strongest weapons in Fortnite, as irrelevant.

In conclusion, Fortnite players have varying opinions on the most irrelevant item in the game. While grenades, bandages, and several other items have been mentioned, the community is divided on which item truly holds this title. What are your thoughts on the matter?