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Fortnite Season 4 Introduces New Weapons and Reality Augments

Fortnite has released a hotfix for Season 4, bringing exciting new features to the game. Among the additions are the Shield Breaker EMP Grenade, Sticky Grenade Launcher, and a range of new Reality Augments.

The Shield Breaker EMP Grenade is a powerful tool that can damage enemy shields and temporarily disable electrical systems like cameras, turrets, and laser grids. However, players must be cautious when using it, as it can also bring vehicles to a stop. These EMP grenades can be found on the ground, in chests, and in heist bags.

The Sticky Grenade Launcher is a new weapon that allows players to fire projectiles that stick to surfaces. After a short delay, these projectiles explode, damaging nearby enemies and structures. Players can find this new weapon in chests, holo-chests, heist bags, flying drones, or by claiming a point of interest.

The update also introduces new Reality Augments that offer unique advantages. The Explosive Surplus Reality Augment grants players instant rocket ammo and ensures that containers always contain rocket ammo. Pairing this with the Sticky Grenade Launcher creates a fiery force to be reckoned with. The High Voltage Reality Augment instantly provides players with a Business Turret and Shield Breaker EMPs, with eliminations granting additional EMPs. The Storm Chaser Reality Augment reduces the amount of energy drained while sprinting, making it easier to navigate the storm. Additionally, the Roaming Redeploy Reality Augment has been unvaulted, giving players glider redeploy when they are immune to fall damage.

It is worth noting that the Sticky Grenade Launcher and Explosive Surplus Reality Augment are not included in tournaments.

In other news, Epic Games has revealed 45 upcoming Fortnite Outfits in a new survey. To stay updated on the latest Fortnite news, leaks, and more, follow Fortnite on Twitter and Instagram.

– Shield Breaker EMP Grenade: A weapon in Fortnite Season 4 that damages enemy shields and disables electrical systems.
– Sticky Grenade Launcher: A new weapon that fires projectiles that stick to surfaces and explode after a short delay.
– Reality Augments: Special abilities that grant players advantages in the game.
– Hotfix: A software update that fixes issues and adds new features.
– Heist Bags: Containers that can be found in Fortnite, often containing valuable items.

Source: FortniteBRL (Twitter) and FortniteBRL (Instagram)