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Fortnite Streamer HydraSZN’s Twitch Suspension Lifted After One Week

Fortnite content creator and Twitch streamer HydraSZN has had his Twitch suspension lifted after just one week. The streamer was originally banned on August 26, 2023, due to video clips surfacing online where he made potentially inappropriate and suggestive comments aimed at children.

At the time of his suspension, HydraSZN had amassed over 20K followers on Twitch. He expressed his frustration about the situation on Twitter and appealed to Twitch. The ban has now been lifted after nearly a week-long suspension.

However, Twitch's decision to potentially reinstate a streamer who had previously made objectionable statements has left a significant portion of the community perplexed and unsupportive. One user voiced their discontent, stating that Twitch shouldn't allow child predators on the app.

HydraSZN shared Twitch's decision to unban him on his Twitter account. He mentioned in his post that his appeal had been accepted and the correct enforcement was issued. He also acknowledged that he should not make the same mistakes again.

The streaming community has voiced their displeasure with HydraSZN's reinstatement, given his history of controversial comments. Many users on Twitter expressed their discontentment with Twitch's decision.

Despite the backlash, HydraSZN has returned to streaming and shared his stream analytics, which showed a slight upward trend in peak viewership despite the ban and controversy.

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