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Fortnite Teams Up with Samsung for Solo Zero Build Event

Fortnite has partnered with Samsung to introduce a new competitive event in the game, open to players on all platforms. The Solo Zero Build event will take place on July 29 and 30, offering players the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards.

Participants in the event will have the chance to win the Galaxy Crossfade Outfit, Crossfade's Equalizer Back Bling, Spinback Slicer Pickaxe, BPM Breakdown Emote, and Crossfade's Galaxy Wrap. Additionally, all players who earn a minimum of eight points in the Galaxy Cup will receive the tournament-exclusive ‘House Cat' Spray.

The scoring system for the Galaxy Cup 4 is as follows:

– Victory Royale: 30 points
– 2nd Place: 25 points
– 3rd Place: 22 points
– 4th Place: 20 points
– 5th Place: 19 points
– 6th Place: 17 points
– 7th Place: 16 points
– 8th Place: 15 points
– 9th Place: 14 points
– 10th Place: 13 points
– 11th-15th Place: 11 points
– 16th-20th Place: 9 points
– 21st-30th Place: 5 points
– 31st-35th Place: 4 points
– 36th-40th Place: 3 points
– 41st-50th Place: 2 points
– 51st-75th Place: 1 point

In addition to placement points, players will also earn one point for each elimination. They can also score points by completing mid-match objectives, such as opening a Vault (3 points) or capturing a rifting-in POI (3 points).

The Galaxy Crossfade Outfit and its accompanying set will be available for purchase in the Item Shop at a later date. However, the ‘House Cat' Spray is exclusive to the Cup.

To participate in the event, players must have Two-Factor Authentication enabled on their Epic account and be ranked at least Bronze I in the corresponding Battle Royale or Zero Build track.

For further details, refer to the Galaxy Cup 4 Official Rules. Stay updated with the latest Fortnite news by following Fortnite on Twitter (@FortniteBR) and Instagram (@FortniteBR).