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Fortnite Tracker: Updates, Downtime, and Maintenance

New updates are being added at the bottom of this story. In this dedicated tracker, we will keep track of Fortnite whenever it is down, not working, or experiencing an outage or downtime for any reason. We will update this tracker as and when the game faces an outage or any downtime, so make sure you keep an eye out for the latest information.

Update 1 (August 27): Scheduled maintenance has begun. The downtime info has been shared by team Fortnite. Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress.

Update 2 (August 27): The maintenance is now complete. The scheduled maintenance has been completed.

Update 3 (Sept 11): According to reports, Fortnite servers are down due to server maintenance ahead of the v10.30 update.

Update 4 (Sept 11): Servers are live again and Fortnite update v.10.30 is live.

Update 5 (Sept 11): Fortnite update v10.31 downtime has started.

Update 6 (Sept 11): Servers are back up and v10.31 is now live.

Update 7 (Sept 25): A new update v10.40 for Fortnite will go live today. The downtime of the game will begin at 4 am ET.

Update 8 (Sept 25): Fortnite update v10.40 is live.

Update 9 (October 01): Login issues for PS4 players are being looked into by FortniteGame and UbisoftSupport.

Update 10 (October 02): The downtime for the v10.40.1 Update has begun.

Update 11 (October 02): Downtime is over and update v10.40.1 is now live.

Update 12 (October 02): The issues related to the combine after installing the latest patch have now been sorted.

Update 13 (October 22): Downtime for patch v11.01 has begun.

Update 14 (October 29): Live server maintenance has been scheduled for today, after which update v11.10 will go live.

Update 15 (October 22): Downtime is now over as update v11.10 is now live.

Update 16 (Nov 13): Downtime has begun for pushing update v11.11.

Update 17 (Dec 04): Maintenance has been scheduled for tomorrow to push a bugfix update (v11.21).

Update 18 (Dec 11): A maintenance is scheduled for tomorrow for v11.30.

Update 19 (Dec 12): The downtime has begun for v11.30.

Update 20 (Dec 12): The downtime has now ended.

Update 21 (Dec 18): Downtime has begun for the deployment of v11.31.

Update 22 (Dec 18): Maintenance is over and the update v11.31 is live now.

Update 23 (Jan 15): Incoming is a maintenance alert for the deployment of update version 11.4.

Update 24 (Jan 15): Downtime has begun.

Update 25 (Jan 15): Downtime is over and the update v11.40 is now live.

Update 26 (Feb 05): Downtime for the deployment of update v11.50 has begun.

Update 27 (Feb 20): Downtime for Chapter 2 Season 2 has begun.

Update 28 (March 02): Maintenance has been scheduled for v12.10.

Update 29 (March 03): Downtime for v12.10 has begun.

Update 30 (March 03): Downtime is over now.

Update 31 (March 17): Downtime for the deployment of update v12.20 has begun.

Update 32 (March 24): Incoming is a maintenance alert for the deployment of the update v12.21.