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Forza Motorsport Review: A Promising Comeback for Sim Racing

Forza Motorsport is making a much-anticipated comeback after a six-year hiatus, and Turn 10 Studios has focused on revamping the fundamentals of the game. The latest installment, set to release on October 10 for Xbox Series consoles and PC, promises to be the biggest departure in the series' history.

One of the main areas of improvement in Forza Motorsport is the physics and handling of the cars. The team at Turn 10 Studios wanted to raise the skill ceiling in the game's competitive multiplayer scene, which required redeveloping the physics code and tire simulation. The new tire model now incorporates eight points of contact instead of just one, resulting in enhanced handling and a more realistic driving experience.

The improved physics revealed deficiencies in the way the game replicated suspension behavior, prompting the team to rebuild all the environments in the game. This level of attention to detail ensures a more immersive and visually appealing racing experience.

In terms of gameplay, Forza Motorsport feels more natural and deliberate. Steering with the throttle in rear-wheel-drive cars provides a more engaging and responsive experience. The overall level of grip has been reduced, introducing a hint of understeer and requiring players to plan their corners more carefully.

Visually, Forza Motorsport delivers stunning graphics. The game features 20 environments that support time-of-day cycles and changeable weather, creating a dynamic and immersive racing atmosphere. Additionally, Xbox Series X players can enjoy ray-traced reflections for enhanced visual fidelity.

Overall, Forza Motorsport's big comeback shows promising improvements in gameplay, physics, and graphics. Sim racing enthusiasts can look forward to a more realistic and immersive experience when the game releases in October.

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– Turn 10 Studios