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Forza Motorsport Won’t Have Split-Screen Play at Launch

Developer Turn 10 has announced that the upcoming racing title, Forza Motorsport, will not support split-screen play at launch on PC and Xbox Series X|S on October 10. This news was shared during the Forza Monthly livestream by Forza Horizon creative director, Chris Esaki.

Esaki explained that the omission of split-screen play is due to Turn 10's focus on pushing new graphical features in the game, similar to its competitor Gran Turismo. The investment in graphical fidelity has made it challenging to implement local multiplayer support, leading to the decision to exclude split-screen play at launch.

Although split-screen support may be added later, other features have been cut from the game entirely. Esaki mentioned that Forza Motorsport will not have a spectator mode for Featured Multiplayer races, and AI racers cannot be added to the races. These features were removed because Turn 10 believes they do not align with their intended racing experience.

Forza Motorsport was first announced during the 2020 Xbox Showcase and was initially planned for a spring 2023 release before being delayed to later in the year. The game features stunning graphics and was showcased during the Xbox Developer Direct presentation in January, highlighting improvements in audiovisual elements and physics.