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Friendly Competition: Thompson QBs Zach Sims and Trent Seaborn Ready to Work Together for Another State Title

Thompson High School in Alabama is experiencing a unique situation this season – a friendly quarterback competition. Zach Sims and Trent Seaborn, both talented quarterbacks, are vying for the starting position on the Warriors' football team. Unlike traditional quarterback competitions, Sims and Seaborn are not rivals but friends who support each other on and off the field.

Both quarterbacks have led the Warriors to state championships in the past and have attracted attention from Power 5 programs with their impressive skills. But their friendship is what sets them apart. No matter who gets the starting spot, Sims and Seaborn have vowed to support each other throughout the season.

Their friendship has deep roots. Seaborn, who was born in Hawaii, shares a heritage with the Tagovailoa family, and Sims met Seaborn during a training session with Tagovailoa's father, a renowned quarterback coach. Sims became like an older brother to Seaborn, and their bond grew even stronger when Seaborn became Sims' backup in his sophomore year.

The QB tradition at Thompson High School has always emphasized a brotherhood among quarterbacks, with the current starter mentoring the future one. Sims and Seaborn exemplify this tradition, working closely together during practice and learning from the quarterbacks ahead of them. Sims, in particular, learned the importance of being prepared as a backup, as he had to step in during crucial moments in the playoffs and state championship games.

Their supportive relationship has been key to their success on the field. Sims' leadership skills have played a significant role in helping Seaborn prepare for his own moment to shine. Both quarterbacks are dedicated to their craft and have the drive to help Thompson secure another state title.

In a world where quarterback competitions often breed rivalry and tension, the friendship between Zach Sims and Trent Seaborn is a refreshing change. Their bond and mutual support exemplify the true spirit of competition and camaraderie in sports.

– Source article: “Friendly Competition: Thompson QBs and friends Zach Sims and Trent Seaborn ready to work together for another state title”
– Written by Andrew Simonson
– Photos by Dawn Harrison