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G.I. JOE: Wrath of Cobra Announced for Console and PC

Freedom Games and developer Maple Powered Games have recently revealed their upcoming game, G.I. JOE: Wrath of Cobra, for console and PC (Steam). Set to launch in 2024, the game will take players back to the 1980s era of the iconic G.I. JOE universe.

G.I. JOE: Wrath of Cobra is a retro side-scrolling beat 'em up that allows players to take control of legendary G.I. JOE characters such as Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Snake Eyes, and more. The mission is to defeat hordes of Cobra troopers, Vipers, Crimson Guards, and other members of Cobra's malevolent organization.

Players will have the freedom to fight their own way, choosing either hand-to-hand combat with unique combos and special moves or long-range attacks with a variety of weapons. The game features modernized gameplay mechanics, combining easy-to-play elements with challenging levels. It also offers local multiplayer and online co-op, allowing players to team up with friends for a more immersive experience.

G.I. JOE: Wrath of Cobra boasts beautifully crafted pixel art, showcasing the stunning recreation of the classic G.I. JOE heroes. Each character has unique abilities and movesets, capturing their distinct personalities. The game also features iconic villains, including Destro, Serpentor, Baroness, and Cobra Commander himself.

The retro-infused soundtrack, reimagined by industry veterans at Kid Katana Records, adds an extra layer of nostalgia to the gameplay experience. Additionally, Freedom Games plans to provide extensive post-launch support, including new heroes, game modes, levels, and more.

Overall, G.I. JOE: Wrath of Cobra aims to deliver a thrilling and action-packed journey for fans of the G.I. JOE franchise while introducing the next generation to the beloved characters and stories.

– Freedom Games
– Maple Powered Games

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