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Gameforge and 01Studio Team Up to Bring Cubio, a New Sandbox Game Creation Platform

Gameforge and 01Studio have announced their collaboration on a new sandbox game creation platform called Cubio. The platform aims to make game development fun and accessible for both players and developers, regardless of their prior experience.

Similar to Roblox, Cubio offers an intuitive creator mode with a blueprint system based on the Unity engine. This means that users don't need to have any coding experience to create their own games. The platform not only opens doors for aspiring developers but also provides experienced developers with tools to test new ideas and creations.

With Cubio, players can seamlessly transition from being players to developers, allowing them to develop their dream games. The platform provides all the necessary tools and features to bring any idea to life. The announcement trailer showcases the cubic-style world of Cubio, where players can build anything they can imagine in real-time, either alone or with friends.

Cubio offers a variety of game genres to experiment with, including racing games, adventure titles, and parkour runs. The platform also features AI-powered tools that enable users to include NPC dialogue, adding an immersive element to their creations.

The Alpha version of Cubio is currently available for joining on the platform's website. This gives aspiring game developers an opportunity to practice their skills and unleash their imagination. If you're interested in sandbox creation titles, you can also check out the best Roblox games list and the best open-world games on PC.

Get ready to explore your creativity and bring your game ideas to life with Cubio.