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Gamers Club announces new initiatives for the female competitive scene

Gamers Club, one of the pioneers in initiatives aimed at national growth in the competitive Counter-Strike scene, recently announced new developments for the female ecosystem. They revealed the Superliga Feminina da Liga Gamers Club and the eighth edition of GC Masters Feminina set to take place in the second semester of 2023.

The Superliga will run from October 4th to October 22nd, with free registrations for the championship. Registrations began on September 22nd and interested participants must have the “Conta Verificada Liga Feminina” medal, which can be acquired through the championship's webpage. The total prize pool for the Superliga will be R$ 11,000 and there will be four spots to the 8th edition of GC Masters Feminina.

The GC Masters Feminina will be held in the second half of November, with specific dates to be announced in the coming weeks. Six teams will compete in the event, with four qualifying through the aforementioned championship and two through a qualifying tournament on October 30th and 31st. Registrations for this event will also be free and require a verified account.

It is currently unclear whether the tournaments will be held in-person. In the previous edition of GC Masters Feminina in August, the team now known as Fluxo Demons emerged as the champions. Representing B4 Esports at the time, Lara “goddess,” Giovanna “yungher,” Nadjla “poppins,” Nataly “nani,” Julia “julih,” and coach Igor “darkpsy” lifted the trophy after defeating FURIA in the grand final with a score of 2-1.

Registration for both tournaments is now open and free. Visit the following link for registration: [source]

Gamers Club Counter-Strike (@GamersClubCS) September 22, 2023. [source]