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Gamers8 PUBG Global Series 2023 Losers Bracket Recap

The Losers Bracket of the Gamers8 PUBG Global Series 2023 has concluded, and the following teams have advanced to the Grand Finals. In order of placement, they are: Twisted Minds, 17 Gaming, NAVI, The Expendables, 4 Angry Men (4AM), Forest Gaming, TYLOO, and Game PT. These teams will join Soniqs, Faze, Gen.G, and others in the highly anticipated Grand Finals on August 18th.

On Day 2 of the Losers Bracket, 4AM made a stunning comeback, starting the day strong with a 16-point Chicken Dinner in Match 7. Twisted Minds and Game PT secured second and third place with 15 and 14 points, respectively.

Daytrade Gaming claimed a significant victory in Match 8 with a 20-point Chicken Dinner. However, despite their strong performance, they were unable to secure a top 8 placement by the end of the day. Forest Gaming and 4AM secured second and third place with 11 and 13 points.

TYLOO achieved a crucial win in Match 9 with an 18-point Chicken Dinner, boosting their chances of qualifying. Despite a relatively low point accumulation in the remaining matches, TYLOO managed to secure a top 8 spot. 4AM secured their third consecutive top 3 finish, greatly increasing their qualifying chances.

Forest Gaming, like TYLOO, secured a vital win in Match 10 that secured their spot in the top 8. They earned a 17-point Chicken Dinner but only managed to accumulate 4 points in the next two matches. 17 gaming and Dplus secured second and third place with 12 and 10 points.

NAVI and The Expendables put on impressive performances in Match 11, with NAVI earning a 21-point Chicken Dinner and The Expendables finishing third with an impressive 16-kill game, earning the same 21 points. This put them in contention for a top 3 placement.

In the final match of the Losers Bracket, 17 Gaming made a statement with a remarkable 27-point Chicken Dinner, solidifying their claim to the second place slot. Dplus and 4AM secured second and third place with 13 and 7 points, respectively.

Make sure to tune into the Grand Finals of Gamers8 PUBG Global Series 2023 on August 18th to witness which of these exceptional teams will emerge as champions. You can find the schedule, scores, and other details on our Gamers8 PUBG Global Series 2023 event hub.