Are you done with the Maplestory game and want to play more games like it? Worry no more since various alternative games could apply as Maplestory.

Maplestory is a side-scrolling online game with five classes and seven factions. It is an MMO RPG. This is an open-world game that can be played on a Windows Pc or macOS. There is also an android version of this game that you can play on your android phone.

The main objective of the game is to improve the character’s stats and skills as you go on with the game. You play against monsters to be able to complete the respective missions provided. The more opponents you defeat, the better the character’s fighting skills.

Game nameMaplestory
Game typeMassively multiplayer online role-playing game
Gaming platformMicrosoft Windows
Publish time2003/04/29

Background: In the game, players take up the role of citizens in the Maple world. One dangerous character, the Black Mage, was sealed away years ago with the help of six brave heroes. They strive to prevent his resurrection that would lead to destruction.

Unfortunately, the Black Wings return the dangerous Black Mage to life. The six heroes return to the world in a weakened state. They need to return the seal, but instead, the Black Mage’s revival happens. Will they manage to save the world?

Mode: The game has 6 chapters. Each chapter comes with new challenges and a reward at the end.

Number of players: Multiplayer

Main Features

  • Iconic 2D art style
  • 40 distinct classes.
  • Great challenges and rewards.
  • Conquer dungeons and overcome bosses.
  • Transverse through different environments.
  • Experience the power of six legends.

1. Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online

In a horizontal 2D fighting game, with more than 1000 props, each character has 13 props equipped position, allowing a maximum of 4 team challenge levels.

Delve into fantasy adventures with an epic storyline and various characters, and get ready for the ultimate fighting. You can play this game on your android or iOS phone. Playing with a Steam account makes it easier to get friends to battle with online.

2. Latale


 La Tale is an adventure game that has various world heroes as game characters. This game is a bit more complex than Maplestory.  There are a lot of weapons and gears available that you can use to create your character.

It can be played in multiplayer mode only when online. If you are playing the game offline, you can only play in a single mode. Go to towns with quests as well as challenge the bosses who are opponents.  The main objective is to fight the Demon World as you look for Iris Livier, a renowned champion.

3. Nos tale

Nos tale

This is an action anime game that enables you to explore a world with mysteries to solve. You are to fight monsters as well as other opponents when playing online. There is also an option of joining forces with your friends to fight against the monsters together.

Note that each class allows you to create a character of your choice. In this game, you can train animals to fight, which is an excellent way to improve your strength. The game can be played in multiplayer mode when offline.

4. Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior is an adventure action game that involves the player searching for goddesses in the world. The game's graphics go hand in hand with the kind of storyline provided.  You are to fight against monsters from different locations. The more monsters you defeat, the more points you gain.

Each mission has its Goddess to find and save. Use your weapons and skills to defeat the monsters. Multiplayer mode can be played offline and online. 8 ranks categorize the character classes. Tree of Savior has over 200 monsters to fight against to complete the game.

5. Soul saver online

Soul saver online

Soul Saver is an action-adventure game. You can play this game in multiplayer mode with your friends. This game involves a community that existed 100 years ago, and people were practicing evil deeds now and then. The dead haunted the world with their spirits and committed crimes.

A great master called Taehwa drives away demons and spirits alongside his 12 pupils. Taehwa has a great skill that helps him lock away the evil spirits in a temple. The main objective of the game is to keep out the evil spirits as well as reduce corruption promoted by bad leaders. You can choose whichever character of your preference.

6. Mabinogi


Mabinogi is a role-playing game developed on a hybrid value-added services model. The player has the option of playing as a human character and exploring three different continents. You could also choose to be an elf and start in a place called Iria. If you choose to start as a giant, you will play in a location called Vales.

In the game, you can chat with other characters while making different facials and sharing food. When choosing your character, the age range is ten to seventeen years. Using combat skills helps you trounce the opponent by predicting their potential.

7. Spiral knights

Spiral knights

Spiral Knights is a massively multiplayer role-playing game that was launched in the year 2011. the game is about the character being lost in an alien world and having to find ways to return to the native land. You are supposed to solve the puzzles given as well as defeat monsters to be able to unlock more features.

There are lots of treasures to be discovered and collected. Note that the alien world changes frequently. You can play this game either in single-player mode or in multiplayer mode with your friends.

8. Dragon saga

Dragon saga

This is a fantasy game that the player plays in different environments. You get to participate in active combat that sharpens your skills to battle against opponents.

Some pets could be used as a mode of transport, depending on how you treat them. There are various skill effects to experience as you go on with the given missions.

9. Elsword


This is a classic action game that has very impressive mechanics as well as inspired by an anime story. You have to defeat the enemies to proceed to higher levels and get high scores. You can choose a character out of the thirteen original characters in the game.

Note that each character has unique strengths and tactics to survive. Team up with your online friends and explore the 50-plus dungeons as you conquer the enemies.

10. Lunaria's story

Lunaria story

Lunaria Story is a fantasy game where players fight monsters and go on missions to achieve high scores and boost stats. You are to fight against enemies and explore various dungeons with your friends. Battling with other people online could also make the game more enjoyable since you compete to see who completes missions first.

As you go on with the game, you will be able to enhance equipment and weapons. The gameplay involves you, the player being the hero, and stopping the evil spread by powerful creatures.

11. Eden eternal

Eden eternal

This is a fantasy game that the player has up to 20 classes to choose from to explore. Some of these classes include:

  • Dragon Knight
  • Blade dancer
  • Hunter
  • Engineer
  • Magician
  • Warrior
  • Samurai
  • Ranger
  • Warlock

It is essential to be aware that once you reach level 80, some classes develop other unique skills and features. You can build houses or storage buildings. When fighting against enemies, you can detect their weaknesses which helps you defeat them.

12. Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is an anime fantasy game that was launched in the year 2003. The game involves a city where humans, demons, and gods were in harmony before powerful creatures started to harm people and cause natural disasters like earthquakes.

Ragnarok gives signs that he wants to destroy the Rune Midgard city for good. It is up to the players to prevent that from happening. You could team up with your friends to explore Ryne Midgard as you fight against injustice.

13. Lunia


Lunia is an action game that lets the player control the characters' actions directly. The playing character can skip to any stage that has been unlocked.

A stage has enemies the whole time you must defeat to reach the boss enemy. You need to have good fighting skills to defeat the boss's enemy.

14. Trickster online

Trickster online

Trickster Online is a fantasy game that was developed in the year 2003. The game is about the characters competing to win a treasure. The treasure was owned by a deceased character called Don Cavalier. The two-level modes are TM leveling and Base leveling.

Base leveling shows the score percentage at the top of the screen. Whenever the player levels up, four points are attained that are further divided into 12 stats. TM leveling displays the percentage under the base leveling section and has a green bar.  You can use attained points to learn a skill or save it for later use.

15. Flyff


Flyff is an anime fantasy game that has different level categories with different locations to explore. These level categories are:

  • Flaris – in the village of Flarine, people are living their normal peaceful lives. The levels range from 1 to 20.
  • Mars dungeon – this location had a mine shaft way before it got polluted. The player is to explore the Mars Dungeon and fight against enemies before reaching the Phantom of fear. The levels range from 21 to 35.
  • Saint Morning – the levels range from 21 to 42, whereby you can battle against other online players.
  • Rhisis – from a beautiful habitable city to a city full of graveyards and buried memories. It was a beautiful garden before the leadership was handed over to dangerous Masqueurpets, who would be defeated to restore the city.
  • Darkon 1 – from level 51 to 68
  • Darkon 2 – From level 69 to 74
  • Darkon 3 – From level 75 to 120
  • Dekane Mine – From level 85 to 100

16. Grand chase

Grand chase

This is a free-action anime game that was launched in the year 2021. While selecting a character, you could use a unique skill tree to categorize the characters according to their skills and achievements.

The main objective of the player is to defeat the monsters using the different skills and tactics they have.  You could also compete with your online friends with the best fighting skills.

17. The word magic

Word magic game

The Word of Magic is a retro open-world game. You can choose to be a warrior, Ranger, or Magician to battle against enemies, collect loot to level up, and complete given quests.

The game has a very large persistent geographical area. You can collaborate with your friends online to solve mysteries together as you chat.

18. Starbreaker


The game has 4 major classes to choose from depending on the type of quest given. The player’s main objective in the game is to avenge the people killed by a deadly Watcher.

A powerful AI saves you and prepares you to seek justice for your people. You will have to battle 5 tiers of game difficulty having different enemies to defeat.

19. Dust: An Elysian Tail

Dust- An Elysian Tail

An Elysian Tail is a role-playing game that involves a warrior who wakes in an unfamiliar forest that he explores as he recovers his past. The game can be played offline comfortably.

Note that there will be other characters who will assign minor quests that have to be done to continue with the main objective. You could be given a silly task, such as fetching water for a non-playing character. The player gains more skills as he explores and interacts with other characters.


Indeed, there are various alternatives to the Maple story that are also engaging and interesting. You have the chance to play with your friends online when you are not geographically near one another.