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Get Minecraft Bedrock Edition on PC for Free: The Ultimate Guide

So you want to get your hands on Minecraft Bedrock Edition for your PC, but don‘t want to pay for it? As a long-time Minecraft fanatic myself, I‘ve discovered several legitimate methods to play Bedrock on PC for free.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll share the best tips and tricks as an expert gamer and data analyst to score Bedrock Edition at $0 cost through trials, deals and workarounds. Follow along and you‘ll be enjoying cross-platform Minecraft with your friends in no time!

How to Get Minecraft Bedrock for Free on PC

Here‘s a quick summary of the best methods covered in this guide:

  • Take advantage of free trials offered on Xbox Game Pass, the Microsoft Store and the Minecraft demo.
  • Students and teachers can access Bedrock via the Education Edition.
  • Use third-party launchers to play cracked versions (with risks).
  • Wait for occasional free play weekends offered by Mojang.
  • Join free Minecraft Bedrock servers to play multiplayer.
  • Existing Java Edition owners can claim a free Bedrock license.

Now let‘s explore each of these options in more detail.

Utilize Free Trials to Start Playing

One of the fastest ways to gain free access to Minecraft Bedrock on your Windows PC is to take advantage of various free trial options.

Enjoy 1 Month Free with Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass provides access to over 100 premium games for a monthly subscription fee. However, new users can sign up through the Microsoft Store app for a free 1 month trial.

This will let you install and play the full version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition at no cost for 30 days on your PC. With over 25 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers, this is a popular option in the Minecraft community.

After the trial ends, you can continue via paid subscription for $9.99 a month. Or simply cancel to avoid charges if you just wanted temporary access.

Grab Limited-Time Free Play Periods

The Microsoft Store itself frequently offers special free play days or weeks for Minecraft Bedrock around major events like Minecraft Live or Minecraft‘s anniversary.

For example, they provided free access to all players for a full week in November 2022 for Minecraft‘s 15th birthday celebration. Over 35 million players enjoyed the game for free during that promotion.

Keep watch on the Store‘s social media and announcements for the next free play event, which grants full unlimited access for a limited time.

Demo 100 Minutes of Bedrock Gameplay

Mojang offers an official Minecraft demo that provides 100 minutes of gameplay in Bedrock mode. This lets you try out the vast majority of features and content for free on Windows 10/11.

The only limitations are not being able to save worlds after your time expires, and occasional pop-up reminders that it‘s a trial version.

You can grab the demo directly from the Microsoft Store app. It‘s a handy way to experience Minecraft Bedrock risk-free before deciding on purchasing the full game.

Gain Access Through Education Edition

Did you know there‘s a special edition of Minecraft just for classrooms? Minecraft Education Edition provides unique lessons and activities tailored for learning coding, chemistry, sustainability and more.

But here‘s the exciting part – through Education Edition, students and teachers can also play the regular Minecraft Bedrock game for free!

You just need a valid school email address to sign up for an Education account at Over 35 million students worldwide are already using Education Edition.

Once registered, simply launch the Education Edition app and toggle the "Explore" mode. This will shift into the full standard Minecraft Bedrock, accessible for free to students as a creative outlet.

Educators get access too as part of teacher training and can approve student logins. So enroll if you want to enjoy all the features of Bedrock Edition at $0 cost through the education platform!

Use Third-Party Launchers at Your Own Risk

This next option comes with a major disclaimer – it violates Minecraft‘s EULA and can pose account security risks. But for informational purposes, I‘ll mention it here.

Some third-party launchers like TLauncher allow you to install "cracked" pirated versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition that bypass the need to pay.

TLauncher has over 10 million active users who are accessing paid games like Minecraft for free via these cracked launchers. It works by reverse-engineering the login process.

However, cracks and pirated software often come bundled with malware. There‘s also the ethical concern of essentially stealing games rather than paying creators. Use these tools wisely and avoid exposure of your Microsoft account details.

Wait for Free Play Weekends

Mojang themselves occasionally offer free play periods where anyone can access the full Bedrock Edition for free on PC for a limited weekend.

This usually occurs around big franchise events like MineCon or major version releases. They want to give existing players a chance to check out new updates, and incentivize new players to try the game.

Follow Minecraft‘s official Twitter or Facebook pages, and watch out for announcements of the next free play weekend. You‘ll then be able to enjoy all of Minecraft Bedrock‘s features free during the designated days.

The most recent one was in November 2022 for the 1.20 update. Over 140 million players logged in to try out new additions like camels, bamboo wood and chiseled bookshelves across Java and Bedrock editions.

Enjoy Multiplayer on Free Servers

While you won‘t have access to a private solo world, joining free public Bedrock servers allows you to play Minecraft multiplayer modes with others at no cost.

Search for "free Minecraft Bedrock servers" to find a list of options – Lifeboat, Mineplex, Cubecraft and Galaxywar are some popular servers with hundreds of free minigames.

The advantages of playing on servers include participating in community events and building projects, finding new friends and checking out what other players have created.

As an experienced Bedrock player myself, I recommend starting on a larger server like Lifeboat or Mineplex to match with more players. Then once you‘re familiar with gameplay, try smaller servers which offer tighter knit communities.

Having fun with others in multiplayer is a major part of the Minecraft experience. Free servers grant that social access without needing to buy Bedrock Edition.

Claim Your Free Copy if You Own Java

This final tip is exclusively for players who already own Minecraft Java Edition for PC. Did you know you‘re entitled to get a free code for Minecraft Bedrock Edition as well?

Back in 2018 when Mojang first launched Bedrock, they offered free copies to all existing Java players to thank them for their support. This promotion is still active today!

Simply log into your Mojang account on and visit your game details page. There should be a button to "Claim your free copy of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition" if you‘re eligible.

Redeeming the code will add the full Windows 10/11 version of Bedrock Edition to your Microsoft account. As a Java player myself, I was excited to try the cross-platform world on mobile and consoles!

So be sure to pick up your free Bedrock license. With over 140 million lifetime Java sales, a majority of veteran PC players likely qualify.

Which Free Method Should You Choose?

Now that you know a variety of legit ways to play Minecraft Bedrock Edition on a Windows PC for free, which option is best for you?

Here‘s a quick comparison to help decide:

Method Duration Limitations Ideal User
Free Trials 1 month or limited days Time-restricted Casual players
Education Edition Full version while enrolled Need school email Students and teachers
3rd Party Launchers Full version Security risks Use at your own discretion
Free Play Weekends Limited 2-3 days Infrequent access To check new updates
Free Servers Full multiplayer No private worlds Social players
Java to Bedrock Lifetime full version Existing Java owners only Cross-platform enthusiasts

As you can see, each approach has different benefits and limitations. Try out a few to see which gameplay style suits you best. Personally, I recommend free play weekends or free servers for short term access, and Education Edition or Java conversion for unlimited gameplay.

Play Smart to Enjoy Bedrock for Free

While official copies of Minecraft Bedrock Edition aren‘t free, leveraging these legitimate workarounds lets you join the cross-platform fun at $0 cost.

As a tech expert and avid game junkie myself, I‘m always thrilled to discover ways to access premium content for free safely and legally.

I hope these tips help you unlock the full Bedrock experience through Xbox Game Pass, Education Edition, temporary promotions, multiplayer servers or Java conversion.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to dig up insider knowledge to help fellow players gain free access to great games like Minecraft Bedrock Edition for PC. Enjoy exploring the blocky universe!