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Get Ready to Experience Zombies in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Season 6

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II players are in for a treat with the upcoming Season 6 update. This last major update for MWII will introduce a lot of Zombies-related content, giving players a taste of what's to come in MWIII. One exciting addition is the return of the fan-favorite Zombies mode in the Warzone battle royale, allowing players to relive the old days in a spooky way.

The popular Zombies Royale mode is making a comeback with the upcoming Season 6. Originally introduced in the first Warzone as limited-time content, this mode turned the map of Verdansk into a nightmare for players as they fought against the undead. In Season 6, Zombies Royale will be available as part of The Haunting event in Warzone, starting on October 17, 2023.

In this mode, players will battle against each other, and if they get killed, they won't go to the Gulag but instead turn into zombies. As zombies, they will have special abilities to tear apart the remaining human operators. As the match progresses, all spectating players will also come back to life as zombies, creating unstoppable hordes roaming the map.

The ultimate victory in Zombies Royale goes to the squad that defeats both the living and zombies. This exciting update is sure to provide a thrilling experience for players and is a perfect way to celebrate Halloween next month.

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