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Get Two Free PC Games on Epic Games Store This Week: The Forest Quartet and Out of Line

This week, gaming enthusiasts are in for a treat as the Epic Games Store is offering two exquisite indie puzzle games absolutely free. Whether you're a fan of emotional storytelling or enjoy immersive hand-drawn adventures, The Forest Quartet and Out of Line are must-haves that won't cost you a penny.

The Forest Quartet is a poignant tale that follows the journey of a deceased lead singer of a musical quartet. As the player, you assume the role of her spirit, venturing through three acts that represent the bond between her and her bandmates. Prepare to delve into the emotions and relationships of these characters as you accompany them in creating a final farewell concert for their beloved companion.

On the other hand, Out of Line offers a captivating 2D adventure filled with intricate puzzles. You control San, a determined young boy desperate to escape the confines of a factory he calls home. Armed with a versatile spear, San can manipulate the environment to navigate obstacles, climb walls, and reach unreachable objects. Along the way, you'll encounter various characters who may aid you in your quest for freedom. The visually stunning design and thematic elements of Out of Line draw inspiration from games like Inside and the Ori series, promising an experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Both The Forest Quartet and Out of Line are available as free downloads on the Epic Games Store from September 21 to September 28, 2023. Once claimed, they are yours to keep indefinitely. Don't miss this opportunity to add these captivating titles to your gaming library.

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– The Forest Quartet page on the Epic Games Store
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