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Getting Minecraft Pocket Edition for Free if You Have the PC Version

Can I Get Minecraft PE for Free if I Have the PC Version?

The short answer is no, you cannot legally get Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) for free just because you own the PC version of Minecraft. However, there are a few options you can consider if you want to play Minecraft PE without paying for it again.

Why You Can‘t Get Minecraft PE for Free

Minecraft PE and the original PC editions are considered separate products by Mojang Studios. Even though they share similarities and game elements, they were built as distinct versions optimized for different platforms.

As a result, Mojang does not provide automatic entitlements or upgrades between Minecraft editions. If you want to play the Pocket Edition on your mobile device, you need to purchase it separately, even if you already paid for the desktop version.

There are a few reasons why Mojang structures Minecraft this way:

  • Separate development efforts – Creating Minecraft PE required rebuilding the game in C++ for mobile devices rather than Java. This took significant development work, which justifies selling it as a separate paid product.
  • Ongoing support and updates – The Minecraft PE team continues to push out frequent updates and new features tailored for mobile gameplay. This ongoing support effort is funded through new purchases of the app.
  • Different monetization models – Minecraft PC relies on an upfront purchase, while PE generates revenue through in-app purchases for marketplace content to fund continued development.
  • New user acquisition – Separate versions allow Mojang to sell Minecraft to new customers on mobile, rather than only expecting existing desktop users to purchase PE.

Essentially, separate purchases fund the continued growth of each Minecraft edition and allow Mojang to tailor experiences to each platform.

How Much Does Minecraft PE Cost?

Minecraft Pocket Edition is priced at $6.99 USD on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Compared to the $26.95 price tag for Minecraft Java Edition on desktop, PE is significantly cheaper for a couple of reasons:

  • Mobile game expectations – $6.99 is a typical price point for premium mobile games, while desktop game pricing is higher.
  • Development costs – Ongoing desktop support and more complex Java development carries higher costs.
  • Feature differences – The desktop editions have more robust features and mechanics than PE based on each platform‘s capabilities.

While the mobile version has increased in price from $2.99 at launch, it remains affordably priced considering the endless gameplay possibilities and frequent updates.

How to Get Minecraft PE for Free Legally

While Mojang understandably doesn‘t provide free copies of Minecraft PE to desktop owners, there are still a few fully legitimate options to get the Pocket Edition without paying:

1. Use Google Opinion Rewards Surveys

Google Opinion Rewards is a free app for Android that gives you Google Play credit for completing short surveys. Typical surveys take less than 30 seconds and reward anywhere from $0.10 to $1.00 in credit.

I’ve earned over $40 in credit from various surveys over time. Once you accumulate enough credit, you can redeem it towards any app purchase like Minecraft PE.

This is a great way to offset the cost by incrementally earning credit over weeks or months. I prefer it over rewards apps that make you download dozens of random games.

2. Ask for an iTunes or Google Play Gift Card

For a birthday, holiday, or special occasion, you could request an iTunes or Google Play gift card. A $10 card should cover the cost of Minecraft PE, while still leaving a little leftover credit.

If privacy is a concern, you can create a new App Store account to redeem the code so purchases aren’t tied to your existing account. This allows using gift card funds for Minecraft without giving someone else access.

3. Use Bing Rewards to Earn Gift Cards

Similar to Google Opinion Rewards, Microsoft’s Bing Rewards program lets you earn points by using Bing Search and completing other activities. Once you earn enough credits, you can redeem points for gift cards to various online stores.

You can earn 300 points per day in Bing Rewards using desktop and mobile search combined. At the lowest redemption level of 5250 points, it would take around 18 days to earn enough points for a $5 gift card. A little over a month of Bing searches can unlock a $10 gift card.

4. Take Online Surveys and Get Paid Gift Cards

Beyond Google and Bing, there are various online survey panels like Swagbucks that reward points for surveys which can be redeemed for gift card credit.

Most free survey sites earn you relatively small amounts that add up over time. But taking surveys in your downtime can eventually give you enough for a Minecraft PE gift card.

The key is being selective about legit survey platforms with actual payouts. Here are a few reputable ones to check out:

  • Swagbucks
  • InboxDollars
  • PrizeRebel
  • Survey Junkie

These free options just require a little patience to earn sufficient credit. But eventually you can purchase Minecraft PE as a reward for using search engines, answering questions, or trying new apps.

Should You Consider Minecraft PC Instead?

If you don‘t want to wait and save up gift cards for Minecraft PE, purchasing the original PC Java Edition may be worthwhile instead, especially if you already have a capable desktop computer. Here are some benefits:

  • One-time purchase with unlimited access.
  • Much more content and deeper gameplay.
  • Mod support to customize the experience.
  • Cross-platform play with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Local multiplayer support.
  • Access to historical version archives.

While PE offers the advantage of mobile play, the Java Edition unlocks the full potential of Minecraft with more features, mods, and multiplayer flexibility. The upfront investment pays off with unlimited gameplay and expansion possibilities.

Before purchasing, make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements for a smooth experience. But overall, Minecraft Java is the best option for the complete sandbox game on desktop platforms.

What About Minecraft Bedrock for Windows 10?

A third option to consider is Minecraft for Windows 10, which is based on the Bedrock codebase that also powers Pocket Edition. Bedrock offers cross-platform play between mobile, console, and Windows 10 using your Xbox Live account.

The Windows 10 version gives you desktop-quality gameplay like Java along with the following perks:

  • Optimized for Windows devices like touch-screen laptops.
  • Direct integration with Xbox Live for multiplayer.
  • Cross-progression and purchases with Minecraft PE.
  • Join servers from multiple Minecraft editions.

If you want closer parity with PE or plan to play on various device types, Minecraft for Windows 10 bridges the gap. It’s essentially an enhanced port of Pocket Edition for desktop with more PC-specific features.

However, Java Edition still has more robust mods, hardcore gameplay elements, extensive servers, and full feature parity with the original PC game. Carefully weigh your options when deciding between Java and Bedrock editions.

Avoid Downloading Minecraft PE Cracks or Mods

Searching for “Minecraft PE free download” will lead you to shady sites offering cracked APK files or modded versions of the Pocket Edition.

Despite the temptation for free immediate access, stay far away from these unauthorized distributions. Not only are they illegal, but cracked games carry high risks:

  • Copyright lawsuits and fines for illegal distribution.
  • Malware infections from altered code and files.
  • Account banning in multiplayer for piracy.
  • Lack of access to updates and new features.
  • No technical support for bugs.
  • Ethical concerns of stealing work from developers.

Protect yourself legally and technically by only downloading Minecraft PE directly from official app stores. The threats and consequences simply aren’t worth the attempt to bypass paying for the game.

In Summary

While Minecraft PC ownership doesn’t automatically grant you Minecraft PE, there are creative ways to legally get the mobile game for free. Survey rewards apps, gift cards, and Bing Rewards provide legitimate options to earn credits over time.

Or for full access immediately, spring for Minecraft Java Edition one time or consider the Windows 10 edition. Both deliver desktop-quality gameplay with more features than Pocket Edition.

The bottom line – stick to official sources instead of illegal cracks, support the developers, and be patient earning free credits if needed. With smart strategies, you can craft Minecraft PE for $0…and have fun earning it!