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GFN Thursday: Expanded PC Game Pass Support and New Game Additions

This week, GeForce NOW is introducing expanded support for PC Game Pass, allowing members to stream eight additional games from Microsoft's subscription service. Among the new titles are A Plague Tale: Requiem and Atomic Heart, both from popular publisher Focus Entertainment. With a GeForce NOW Ultimate membership, members can enjoy these games at up to 4K resolution and 120 frames per second.

In addition to the expanded PC Game Pass support, GeForce NOW is also offering the Ultimate KovaaK's Challenge, which is scheduled to end on Thursday, September 21st. Participants can compete for a place on the leaderboard and test their skills in this ultimate challenge.

Focus Entertainment's PC Game Pass catalog brings four new games to GeForce NOW, including A Plague Tale: Requiem and Atomic Heart. Players can embark on a heartrending journey in the critically acclaimed A Plague Tale: Requiem or explore an alternate history of the Soviet Union in Atomic Heart. Other titles, such as SnowRunner and Hardspace: Shipbreaker, offer off-road adventures and salvaging experiences set in space. Insurgency: Sandstorm allows players to bring their squad together for intense military battles.

These games can be enjoyed with a PC Game Pass subscription, which is best paired with a GeForce NOW Ultimate membership. With this membership, players can stream their favorite games at up to 4K resolution or up to 240 fps for the ultimate cloud gaming experience.

Additionally, there are 16 new games joining GeForce NOW this week, including SYNCED, Void Crew, and Chants of Sennaar. These games offer a variety of different genres and gameplay experiences, from intense combat to strategic adventures.

With the expanded PC Game Pass support and the addition of new games, GeForce NOW continues to provide an extensive library of titles for members to enjoy. Whether it's exploring a post-apocalyptic world or engaging in thrilling battles, there is something for everyone on this cloud gaming platform.

– GeForce NOW: A cloud gaming service provided by NVIDIA that allows users to stream and play PC games on various devices.
– PC Game Pass: A subscription service offered by Microsoft that provides access to a wide range of PC games.
– Focus Entertainment: A popular publisher known for releasing critically acclaimed games.

GFN Thursday: Expanded PC Game Pass Support and New Game Additions