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ghostpia Season One Coming to PC on August 22

ghostpia Season One, developed by Chosuido, will be launching on PC (Steam) on August 22. While the game was previously released for the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, the PC version will have the added features of keyboard and mouse controls, full high-definition and 4K resolution support, performance up to 60 frames per second, and Steam achievements.

Chosuido expressed their excitement for the release and apologized for the long wait. They mentioned that this is their first release on Steam and it was filled with challenges, but they are grateful for the overwhelming support from fans that helped them reach this milestone.

In addition to the game, Chosuido will also be releasing the ghostpia Season One original soundtrack “Relay” and an official art book on the same day as the PC release.

The game, described as a visual novel, features cute visuals that resemble a picture book with glitches and noise, giving it a nostalgic feel. It is a “denshi graphic novel” inspired by the western expression “graphic novel.” The story takes place in a town isolated by snow where ghosts roam the streets at night. The protagonist, Sayako, feels out of place and longs to return home to her hometown. The game follows her journey and her interactions with the mysterious new girl in town, Yoru.

ghostpia Season One offers a single storyline without quick-time events or branching paths. Players will experience the story through reading and immersing themselves in the world. The gameplay is accessible to anyone, with several scenes featuring animation and the ability to rewind the story like a VHS tape.

Overall, ghostpia Season One on PC offers an enhanced experience with its new features and is a visual novel that is accessible to all players.