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Girard’s Stephen Sims Embraces Versatility and Team-first Mentality

During the 2022 season, Stephen Sims of Girard showcased his versatility as the team faced injuries and had to rearrange their lineup. Sims always prioritized what the team needed and was willing to do whatever it took to contribute. In his sophomore year, Sims had impressive stats, with 86 carries for 689 yards and 10 touchdowns, 16 receptions for 411 yards and six receiving touchdowns, and 44 completions for 482 yards and three passing touchdowns.

As the 2023 season approaches, Sims and Girard's head coach, Pat Pearson, believe that the constant shifting has benefited Sims. He has gained confidence and has also grown as a leader in the locker room. Pearson describes Sims as a dedicated team player who cares about the success of others.

Sims' versatility aligns with Girard's offensive strategy, which aims to give defenses multiple threats to worry about. By playing multiple positions, Sims forces opponents to focus on him, creating opportunities for other players on the team. Pearson emphasizes that their offense is based on exploiting defensive weaknesses and adjusting accordingly.

Looking ahead to his junior season, Sims emphasizes the team's goals rather than individual achievements. The main objective is to make a deep playoff run, after being eliminated in the second round of the previous season due to injuries. To achieve this, Pearson wants Sims to play a more significant role on defense as a defensive back, in addition to his offensive contributions.

Sims embraces the challenge and understands the importance of his role on defense for the team's overall success. He is committed to making an impact and not coming off the field. Girard's season begins on August 18 against Jefferson.

Overall, Sims' versatility, team-first mentality, and dedication to both offense and defense make him a valuable asset for Girard as they aim for a successful season.