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Godot Launches Development Fund to Secure Stable Funding

Godot, the open-source game development tool, has recently launched its development fund (GDF) aimed at securing stable funding for the project. The fund is expected to contribute to the longevity and sustainability of Godot, ensuring its independence and continued development.

The GDF is designed to create a direct and accessible way for the community to support the development of Godot. By contributing to the fund, developers can play a key role in advancing the engine and making it more robust and feature-rich. The funds will be utilized for hiring additional developers, covering hosting services and infrastructure expenses, and further enhancing the Godot Engine.

To incentivize participation in the fund, Godot offers various membership tiers with different pricing options. The membership tiers range from Bronze, starting at €5 per month, to Diamond, priced at €250 per month. There is also a Sponsor membership available, for which interested parties are encouraged to contact the developer directly for pricing details.

In urging Patreon supporters to switch to the GDF, Godot highlights that this change will increase the effectiveness of their donations. By consolidating the support through the development fund, Godot aims to reduce its reliance on one-time grants from corporations. This shift towards financial independence enables the project to prioritize the needs and interests of the community.

The Godot Development Fund is expected to evolve and improve over time, generating more resources for the development and maintenance of the engine. Developers who are interested in contributing to the fund can do so through the provided link.


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