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Google Abandons Plans for Chromebooks with Nvidia Graphics Cards

Google has decided to cancel its project of developing Chromebooks equipped with separate Nvidia graphics cards, disappointing gaming enthusiasts who were eagerly anticipating high-quality gaming experiences on ChromeOS.

Earlier this year, reports revealed that Google had been actively working on this project for over a year. The article mentioned internal prototypes named “Agah” and “Draco,” as well as advanced foundational hardware called “Hades” that was planned for commercial devices.

However, recent indications suggest a change in plans. A code commit message has announced the cancellation of projects related to the Agah, Hades, and Herobrine boards – all of which supported discrete Nvidia GPUs.

Despite recent advancements, Chromebooks still lack the processing power required for the latest gaming titles. Manufacturers have tried to compensate by incorporating gaming-oriented features, but a separate GPU is necessary to fully enjoy AAA games with their visual splendor.

However, this doesn't mean that Chromebooks are entirely unsuitable for gaming. They can still offer a satisfying experience for older or less resource-intensive games, especially on premium models. Google curates a collection of games it has personally tested, which includes notable titles from the mid-2010s. Chromebooks also excel in cloud gaming.

It's worth noting that Google may not have completely abandoned the idea of Chromebooks tailored for serious gaming. Recent reports suggest that the company is actively developing a fresh branding for top-tier Chromebooks called Chromebook X.

Despite the disappointment for many gaming enthusiasts, there are still gaming opportunities on Chromebooks, albeit with some limitations.