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Google Halts Projects for Nvidia-Powered Chromebooks

New information reveals that Google has terminated several projects aimed at producing Nvidia-powered Chromebooks. These projects, code-named “Herobrine,” “Hades,” and “Agah,” have been officially shut down, along with their accompanying infrastructures. Additionally, the cancellation extends to specific Chromebook models known as “Cora” and “Zeus.” This news follows a previous report stating that Google had also ceased work on six Chromebooks powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon. In total, 11 devices have been discontinued, though the reasons behind this decision remain unknown.

The cancellation of the Nvidia-powered Chromebooks disappointed many who were excited about the prospect of improved gaming experiences. Chromebooks have traditionally faced limitations due to their integrated GPUs, resulting in subpar gaming capabilities. However, some analysts suggest that integrating high-end graphics cards into Chromebooks could present challenges in terms of repairability and overheating.

Despite these setbacks, it is still feasible to play older games on a Chromebook. However, running more demanding titles, such as “Shadow of the Tomb Raider,” proves to be a struggle on current hardware. The game could only achieve an average frame rate of 17 fps even with the lowest graphics settings and disabled features.

Although Google has yet to comment on these developments, there is still hope for future Chromebook gaming capabilities. While the specific Nvidia-powered projects have been halted, it does not necessarily mean that Google has completely abandoned the idea. Other options, such as devices with discrete AMD GPUs, may emerge in the future, providing potential solutions for gaming enthusiasts.

Overall, the cancellation of the Nvidia-powered Chromebooks has left many disappointed, including individuals like Kevin C. Tofel from About Chromebooks, who had hoped for improved gaming experiences on the platform. However, with the continuous advancements in technology, there is optimism that Chromebooks will eventually be able to deliver robust gaming performance.