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Grand Theft Auto VI: A Decade in Development

A former employee of Rockstar Games has revealed that Grand Theft Auto VI has been in development for over a decade. Although the game is rumored to release in 2025 according to Rockstar's publisher Take-Two Interactive, there has been no official confirmation or first-look of the game.

Although the developer's identity remains unknown, their LinkedIn profile indicates their experience at Rockstar Games from 2015 to 2018 as the Lead Video Editor and Research Department for Grand Theft Auto VI. This suggests that the game entered development approximately two years after the release of Grand Theft Auto V.

Considering the rumors, it is not surprising that Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be much larger in scale compared to its predecessor. It is anticipated to feature multiple cities for players to explore, unlike the single city in GTA V. Insider information also hints at a more detailed world and more activities for players to engage in.

Furthermore, a significant focus of the game may be its online mode, which would require even more content to maintain long-term player interest. However, players have expressed concerns about the potential for excessive microtransactions in the online mode, given the success of microtransactions in GTA V.

Interestingly, the developer's LinkedIn profile also mentioned involvement in the development of sequels to the original Rockstar game Bully, namely Bully 2 and Bully 3.

While there has been no official reveal for Grand Theft Auto VI, fans are hopeful that Rockstar has something planned for a later date.