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Greninja: Best Moveset and PvP Battles in Pokemon Go

With Froakie's Community Day event on August 13, 2023, Pokemon Go players have the opportunity to catch and evolve Froakie into its final evolution, Greninja. Evolving a Frogadier during the event hours will result in a Greninja that knows the Water-type Charged Attack Hydro Cannon, so players should take advantage of this.

Greninja has several moves that it can learn in Pokemon Go. With the addition of two new moves during the Community Day event, the best moveset for Greninja in PvP battles is Water Shuriken as the Fast Move, and Hydro Cannon and Night Slash as the Charged Moves. Water Shuriken is now Greninja's best Fast Move option, providing the most power.

Hydro Cannon is Greninja's best Charged Move, dealing 80 Damage in PvP and requiring only 40 Energy. Its power and efficiency make it a superior option to Surf. Another recommended Charged Move for Greninja is Night Slash, a Dark-type move that costs 35 Energy, deals 50 Damage, and has a chance to raise the user's Attack.

Greninja's addition of these new moves makes it a solid choice for players looking for a strong Water-type Pokemon. While there are stronger Water-types available, Greninja ranks well in the Great and Ultra Leagues, placing 54th and 33rd respectively in PvPoke's rankings. In the Master League, Greninja may be outclassed by other Pokemon but still performs decently.

Overall, Greninja's best moveset in Pokemon Go includes Water Shuriken, Hydro Cannon, and Night Slash. This Pokemon provides a great opportunity for both newer trainers and experienced players to have a strong Water-type for both PvE and PvP battles.