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Grime II Announced, Release Date for Original Grime on Nintendo Switch Coming Soon

Clover Bite has revealed that they are working on the Metroidvania game, Grime II, which will be available for PC via Steam. Additionally, the developer announced that the Nintendo Switch version of the original Grime is almost ready for launch, with a release date set to be announced soon.

Grime II takes players on a surreal action-adventure journey where they become a “stealer of forms.” As the protagonist, you are an art mimic known as a Formless, capable of absorbing creatures and summoning molds in their shape. Explore a strange and lived-in world obsessed with art, filled with danger and wonder at every turn.

The sequel to the acclaimed 2021 action-adventure Metroidvania, Grime II allows players to create their own playstyle by choosing from a variety of abilities, weapons, and mold summons. Defeated enemies can be absorbed and transformed into molds for special attacks, such as throwing enemies, firing projectiles, stunning foes, and even turning them into your own summons.

Environmental combat plays a crucial role in Grime II, as the surroundings can be utilized to damage enemies as well as provide distance attacks. Players can also utilize hand-tendrils to either parry enemy attacks or grasp and absorb them, learning their shape and abilities.

Grime II will introduce players to a new and mysterious land within the GRIME universe, offering a deep and immersive experience filled with diverse cultures and characters. Explore incredible locations made of painted nails and giant vases, each with its own unique civilization and deep characters to interact with.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release date announcement for the Nintendo Switch version of the original Grime. Get ready to immerse yourself in the strange and captivating world of Grime II, where art and combat intertwine in a surreal action-adventure experience.

Author: William D'Angelo, VGChartz
Title: Grime II Announced, Release Date for Original Grime on Nintendo Switch Coming Soon
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