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GTA 6 Leaks: Alleged Map Locations and Districts

According to leaked information from last year, the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 will be set in Vice City, a beloved location in the franchise. The leaks included over 90 videos showcasing various districts that could potentially be part of the game's map.

While some familiar neighborhoods from the original Vice City game are expected to make a comeback, there are also new areas that players have never seen before. Although Rockstar Games confirmed the authenticity of the leaked footage, it is possible that some of these locations may not appear in the final version of the game.

One GTA Forums user named Garza has compiled all the leaked information into a comprehensive document, including gameplay mechanics, audio details, vehicles, and, most importantly, the locations. The document suggests that the alleged GTA 6 map will feature numerous districts, including some that were present in the original Vice City game, such as the iconic Malibu Club, Leaf Links, Washington Beach, Ocean Beach, Vice Beach, Ocean Drive, Ocean View, and Little Haiti.

While Little Havana may not be making a return, the document mentions a new location called Rockridge, which is said to be inspired by it. Rockridge will include the Vice City Mambas Football Stadium and one of the rivers on the map.

Apart from the Miami-inspired locations, the map is also rumored to include other sites from the state of Florida, such as Lake Leonida (potentially based on Lake Okeechobee), a location inspired by the city of Homestead, and Grassrivers, which is likely inspired by the Everglades.

One prominent area mentioned in the leaked footage is Port Gellhorn, which appears to be one of the larger areas on the map. The document describes various properties in this locale, including a car wash facility, police station, wastewater plant, bingo hall, trailer park, and bowling alley.

Interestingly, the leaks also suggest that underwater exploration will be a part of GTA 6. The map is said to contain underwater ruins, an underwater research facility, and a whale graveyard, among other alleged locations.

While the leaked document provides a wealth of information about the potential map and districts in GTA 6, it remains to be seen which locations will make it into the final game. Fans eagerly await official news and announcements from Rockstar Games regarding the highly anticipated title.

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