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GTA Online Weekly Update: Gun Van Location for September 15, 2023

Rockstar Games is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto 5 in GTA Online with a special weekly update. As part of this update, the developer has increased payouts for missions and challenges temporarily. Additionally, the Gun Van has been introduced, offering players a chance to acquire some useful firearms. The Gun Van also sells weapon tints based on the game's protagonists.

However, locating the Gun Van can be a challenge as its location changes daily and its icon remains off the radar. To assist players, the Gun Van's location for today, September 15, 2023, is Downtown Vinewood. Specifically, it can be found in the Parking Garage south of the Oriental Theatre.

The Gun Van features a range of weapons at discounted prices, including the Tactical SMG, Widowmaker, Railgun, Unholy Hellbringer, Up-n-Atomizer, and more. These weapons are highly sought after for their destructive capabilities. In addition, to commemorate GTA 5's 10th anniversary, Rockstar has added weapon tints for the Carbine Rifle, RPG, and Micro SMG based on the game's main characters.

To access the Gun Van's catalog and make purchases, players should stand behind the vehicle and follow the on-screen prompts. It is worth noting that the Gun Van is parked next to three vending machines in the Downtown Vinewood parking garage, making it easy to spot.

The Gun Van is an exciting addition to GTA Online and keeps players engaged while they await the rumored release of Grand Theft Auto 6 in fiscal 2025.

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