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GTA V Running on Nintendo Switch with Android and Ubuntu Linux

This impressive feat of running GTA V on a Nintendo Switch is not a hoax or trickery. A tech-tuber from the Geekerwan YouTube channel demonstrates the process of installing Android and Ubuntu Linux on the Nintendo Switch, along with overclocking the system.

By overclocking the CPU to 2.3 GHz and GPU to 1267 MHz, the Switch becomes capable of running Android. In this mode, it functions like an Android tablet and can even be connected to a keyboard and mouse for productivity purposes. The video showcases the Switch running mobile games such as Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, with the latter performing better due to its more GPU-focused nature.

The YouTuber also tests emulators on Android, successfully running Gran Turismo 4 through PlayStation 2 emulation, albeit with some performance limitations. However, PlayStation Vita emulation is not fully functional yet. The impressive part comes when he tries running Half-Life 2, a native Android port created by NVIDIA for their Shield TV, and finds that it runs flawlessly on the overclocked Switch.

But the real highlight of the video is when Android is replaced with Ubuntu Linux, giving access to numerous ARM Linux software and translation layers that enable the running of x86 and Windows software on the Switch. While AAA PC games like Titanfall 2, God of War (2018), and GTA V can be launched on the Switch, their performance is not playable due to the limitations of the hardware.

Nevertheless, the video emphasizes the remarkable achievements of developers who have managed to port AAA PC games, such as Doom Eternal and The Witcher 3, onto the Nintendo Switch. With modest specifications and limited video RAM, it is astonishing to see these demanding titles running on the Switch. Credit is also given to the developers who created the hacks for the Switch hardware and the Linux translation layers used in the video.

Overall, this demonstration showcases the ingenuity and dedication of the gaming community in pushing the boundaries of what the Nintendo Switch can achieve, even with its inherent limitations.