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Guilty Gear Strive Season 3 Update Patch Notes Released

Arc System Works has released the patch notes for the highly anticipated Season 3 update for Guilty Gear Strive. This update is the largest one to date, bringing in new mechanics, special moves, character balance adjustments, and changes to the main menu.

The Version 1.29 patch notes reveal that Johnny will be added as a playable character, available for purchase through the “GGST Season Pass 3” or the “Johnny” DLC item. Furthermore, a new Johnny theme called “Just Lean” and avatar items for Johnny can be obtained through fishing.

The main menu of the game has undergone significant visual changes. Menu items have been rearranged, and certain modes have been moved to new locations. Additionally, a Quick Access feature has been added to allow for easier menu navigation and quick access to specific items.

Online matches have also received updates, including changes to the lobby selection screen and the addition of a visual indicator for online player count in the Ranked Tower. The network region “Africa” has been made selectable, and the lobby system has been restructured for smoother gameplay.

Character select has been improved with changes to the display format and selection criteria for Battle Type and Easy to Use classifications. The BGM, stage, and battle settings can now be individually selected and confirmed.

Mission Mode has been updated with new missions and revisions to existing ones to align with the new character and battle changes in the Season 3 update.

In terms of game mechanics, changes have been made to the Burst Gauge and Psych Burst, with the Burst Gauge filling faster than before. A new offensive mechanic called “Wild Assault” has been introduced, which allows players to perform lunging attacks at the cost of 50% of the Burst Gauge.

Other general changes include updates to the R-Code menu, GG World Glossary and Correlation, and improvements to the Match Result screen and Gallery Mode.

Overall, the Season 3 update for Guilty Gear Strive is set to bring a wealth of new content, mechanics, and improvements to the game. Players can expect an enhanced gameplay experience and the opportunity to explore new strategies with the added features and character balance adjustments.

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