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Hamilton Collaborates with Roblox for New Simulator Game

Hamilton, the popular hip-hop musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, has surprised fans by announcing a collaboration with the game-building platform Roblox. The new Hamilton Simulator, released on August 9, allows players to travel back in time to the American Revolution and visit locations from the musical. Developed by Super League and Small World Games, the game features 10 levels based on the show, where players can recruit characters like Alexander Hamilton, Angelica Schuyler, and Charles Lee to engage in combat using the power of song. The levels are intricately designed with input from Hamilton set designer David Korins, including locations such as the docks of New York, George Washington's offices, and the Battle of Yorktown.

While the collaboration has left fans baffled, it is not uncommon for Roblox to partner with various brands for marketing purposes. With its massive user base, Roblox offers a valuable platform to reach younger audiences. Hamilton joins the ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the NFL, and Lil Nas X in using the game to promote itself. However, the announcement has sparked confusion among fans, as many question the reasoning behind bringing a musical from 2015 to Roblox in 2023.

The Hamilton Simulator currently concludes at the end of the first act, but its creators have plans to expand the game with additional storylines and gameplay content in the future. Whether the game will satisfy both Roblox users and fans of the musical remains uncertain, given the early online reactions. Nevertheless, for those who are not interested in the American Musical, there are numerous other popular and beloved Roblox games available to enjoy.