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Horizon: Forbidden West PC Port Rumored to be Released Soon

According to verified tipster billbil-kun, the highly anticipated PC port of Horizon: Forbidden West is expected to be released in the near future. This news comes after Singapore's age rating authority approved a new rating for the game, sparking rumors of a PC release. Billbil-kun, a trusted industry insider, confirmed the speculation and shared that the PC version of the game will be a complete edition, including the Burning Shores DLC.

It is estimated that the release of Horizon: Forbidden West on PC will happen within the next 30 days, suggesting that fans won't have to wait much longer to experience the game on their computers. The announcement of the PC port could coincide with Sony's alleged State of Play show, rumored to be scheduled for next week.

It is interesting to note that the first part of the Horizon series, “Horizon Zero Dawn,” was also released on PC in 2020 as a complete edition. This move allowed PC players to enjoy the full game with all its additional content.

Horizon: Forbidden West is considered one of the flagship productions for Sony's current generation of consoles. The game has garnered positive reviews, with an average rating of 88/100 based on 189 reviews on OpenCritic.

– Guerrilla Games

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