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Horizon Forbidden West Rumored to be the Next PlayStation Game Ported to PC

After the successful ports of Spider-Man Remastered and God of War to PC last year, it seems that more PlayStation exclusives will be making their way to the platform in the future. According to recent leaks, Horizon Forbidden West, the highly-rated sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, might be the next game to be ported.

Released in February 2021, Horizon Forbidden West received positive reviews and climbed up the Metacritic ladder. Earlier this year, the game also received a DLC release called Burning Shores, which was well-received by players. When leaks initially surfaced, it was rumored that the game and its DLC would be ported to PC, but no further information was provided at the time.

However, notorious leaker Billbil-kun has now revealed that the PC port of Horizon Forbidden West will indeed include the DLC and will be titled Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition. The leaks suggest that the game will be available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Sony had previously confirmed that it would be releasing more exclusives for PC, although no specific titles were mentioned. It is typical for Sony's PC ports to be games that are over a year old, so it is reasonable to expect the same for future ports. Fans have been eagerly anticipating a PC port of Bloodborne, but there have been no news or rumors about it thus far.

The leaks also indicate that a Singapore classification body listed Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition for release on the PS5. Additionally, an announcement during the next State of Play event has been hinted at. However, no release date has been confirmed yet.

If Horizon Forbidden West is successfully ported to PC, it has the potential to become a popular title on platforms like Steam. Sony still has several PlayStation exclusives that have not been ported to PC, including Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which is expected to be released in the next month.

Source: GameRant

– DLC: Downloadable Content
– Ported: Refers to a game being adapted or transferred from one platform or system to another

– GameRant (source article)