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Hotfix for Fortnite Capture Points Significantly Reduces Claim Time

Epic Games has recently implemented a hotfix for Fortnite that has greatly reduced the amount of time required to claim Capture Points on the Chapter 4 Season 3 island. Capture Points were introduced in Chapter 4 Season 1 as a new way for players to obtain loot across the entire map. However, players have expressed dissatisfaction with the time it takes to claim a Capture Point, as it eats into their match time. As a result, some players have been avoiding them altogether.

In response to this feedback, Epic Games decided to make a significant change by reducing the claim time for Capture Points. This change was similar to the adjustments made to revives and Reboot Vans in the game. With the new hotfix, the claim time for Capture Points will now vary based on the number of players assisting:

– 1 player: 45 seconds
– 2 players: 25 seconds
– 3 players: 18 seconds
– 4 players: 15 seconds

The community has been quick to take notice of this change and has expressed their appreciation on social media. Players have praised Epic Games for addressing their concerns and making the game more enjoyable. However, some players feel that this change should have been implemented earlier.

While there has been no official announcement from Epic Games on their social media accounts or website, players can experience the reduced claim time firsthand by visiting a nearby Capture Point with their teammates and claiming the loot. The adjustment is expected to enhance the gameplay experience and encourage more players to engage with Capture Points in Fortnite.